iBIG Stor

Smart Portable Storage(Lite Version)


Color: Black/White


Color: Black


Color: Black

What is in store for you is wealth and
intelligence, performance and good price

With matte surface design, the appearance of iBIG Stor Smart Portable Storage has two colors, pure black and pure white that are full of temperament.

This built-in 2.5-inch hard drive/SSD, with a 130*80*13mm ultra-thin design, and ultra-light weight, eases you burden, and gives you the desired portability. 1TB mass storage will meet your needs for storing photos, videos, music, documents and other types of files.

Adhering to the consistent all-in-one design style of iBIG Stor, the iBIG Stor Smart Portable Storage allows you to walk on the edge of fashion and trend. The Type-C connector makes plugging and unplugging easier. The mode switch and the three-color indicator light allow you to freely control the connection mode of the Smart Portable Storage. A variety of wireless scenarios help you get rid of the entanglement of the cable, and the restriction of space, and smartly take control of your storage space.

Enjoy smart storage with the
customized iBIG OS

iBIG OS smart operating system allows you to access and manage the data you save on the iBIG Stor Smart Mobile Portable Storage through three wireless scenarios: LAN, wireless direct connection, and remote connection. In addition, you can enjoy multiple smart storage capabilities.

In order to bring you a fun experience and richer product features,the specification of iBIG Stor which is in a perfect combination with iBIG OS is as follows