Make storage incredible

The iBIG OS is an operating system tailored for the iBIG Stor wireless mobile hard drive. They combine the best of the two so you can fully enjoy the benefits of smart storage for the day-to-day life and achieve secure storage no matter where you are. It can interoperate with your various mobile devices and popular APPs to integrate data. It can automatically classify, back up, and identify your data. With iBIG OS, you can turn your iBIG Stor wireless mobile hard drive into a personal entertainment center, home media center, or personal workstation for unprecedented storage experience.

1.Easy to use

Simple settings provide smart and easy-to-use experience

With iBIG OS, you can simply bind the drive in just three steps, eliminating the need for data cables while easily accessing data via a wireless device.

Whether you connect it directly via its Wi-Fi hotspot, or access it via the same LAN or remotely, iBIG OS will keep your important data for you whenever you need it.

2.Smart interconnection

Close experience within an inch.

iBIG OS can connect the data on your various mobile devices, allowing you to easily integrate fragmented data and back up important data anytime. Besides, with APP licenses, you can collect data from a variety of popular apps, such as your favorite Himalayan FM radio program or downloading videos remotely through Thunder.

    iBIG Stor + phone

    Can access the iBIG Stor wireless mobile hard drive via your mobile phone client, allowing you to online watch videos, photos, and documents in a variety of formats, and to perform all kinds of intelligent operations.

    iBIG Stor+PC

    Access iBIG Stor wireless mobile hard drive through the official website to enable easier file access.

    iBIG Stor+TV

    DLNA allows you to enjoy HD movies.

    iBIG Stor+VR

    Easily store massive VR contents, making it easy to watch wirelessly and allowing you to fully enjoy the fun of VR

What you like are all here.

3.Smart and convenient

Know what you want, and show it automatically.

With your authorization, we can intelligently identify your photos, classify them according to faces and scenes for convenient search. You can set the time for your phone or app backup according to your own preferences, and iBIG OS can store the content you need exactly as you instruct.

4. Multi-scene application

Available anytime, and anywhere.

A true mobile companion
Your careful travel assistant
Exclusive business secretary
Safe and private personal cloud

5.The more you store, the easier it is

Large capacity, beyond your imagination.

Seamless capacity expansion allows you to break the storage space limit. By simply adding a hard drive in the iBIG OS, you can automatically save the data that you have specified. In addition, you can also quickly switch between multiple hard drives for unified management so that everything is in perfect order.