Beijing Chunhong Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2015 and headquartered in Beijing, is a company focus on consumer business storage products, and reaching out to the future smart home, and Internet of things operations.

“Storage, Smart, and Life” is the company’s vision. Chunhong vertically combines traditional storage products with the Internet and multi-screen smart terminals to create the complete “Internet + storage + terminal + application” ecosystem, and will develop more storage-based smart devices and Internet products in the future.

iBIG Stor

iBIG Stor is a smart storage brand created by Chunhong. iBIG Stor leverages hybrid cloud storage architecture to connect mobile storage, mobile devices, and cloud storage products, providing consumers with a secure and convenient private cloud storage experience.


iBIG OS is the operating platform for creating an smartly interconnected family. Its birth has fully activated the functional potential of mobile storage products in the Internet of Things era, creating the possibility of interaction and linkages between mobile storage products and the entire smart device industry chain. Independently developed by Chunhong, the iBIG OS will be applied to other smart mobile storage products and smart terminals in the future.